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Hi there. I love you. This is my personal blog. It contains:
-food porn
-cute animals
-my friends being derps
-anxiety disorder/life stuff
-beautiful things in the world
-stuff I want to own (especially if it's steampunk)
-new things I learned that are neat
-uplifting messages/gooshy lovey dovey stuff
-Fandoms (Various. Mostly Slenderman, particularly CaughtNotSleeping)

I do not tolerate unkindness.
From anyone.
For any reason.

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I've been watching the SlendySlayer awards show →

Congratulations CaughtNotSleeping on your wins for best ARG and best special effects! <333

And your nominations for best Slenderman and best hair. ^_^

And congratulations Cochino on your win for best Slenderman and nominations for best special effects and best hair! <3333 :D:D:D

So glad to see people’s hard work being recognized and appreciated. ^_______^

and also people’s hair.

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